2 thoughts on “For Clearwire, Evo Rocks. May Sell Spectrum to Fund the Future”

  1. I stopped betting on WiMax a while ago. Yes, Intel backing away was pretty good motivation.

    I think the LTE trials are confirmation of the direction Clearwire and their peers are going.

  2. as a user of computers and technology i find it disappointing that WiMAX is turning into a cell phone and/or hand held device standard to be compared to LTE. at one time it was seen as as wider area version of wifi. i think this is very significant from a customer perception point of view as well as where the pricing structure will end.

    i want to replace my high speed cable internet with something that can be used anyplace in the city i live in not have faster internet on my cell phone that does not have the processing power to consume data at the promised speeds anyway.

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