9 thoughts on “Silicon Valley & The Scent of Money”

  1. Great insight and review of what’s happening in Silicone Valley. This is pure capitalism and free market on display and that is why I never beleive in the economic dooms day clock.
    Enterprise, innovation will always truimp no matter what the economic situation is, but it’s how we identify the opportunities present no which economic situation we are in

    Om, please do keep on writing regular updates on this series on what’s up in Silicone Valley as it is very interesting read coming from a very relaible source

  2. What is Paul Kedrosky’s prediction track record? Does anyone have any objective data on that? If not, then I would trust Om’s empirical observations on the ground in the Valley over Kedrosky in San Diego.

    1. Eddie,

      Paul is a smart and astute observer. I have read him for many years and have found him to be mostly on the money. Remember, we all are not capable of batting a 1.000. Anyway thanks for your kind words.

  3. Bravo Om! You have captured the current growth state of Silicon Valley and its gusto. It is interesting to that many first time entrepreneurs starting companies now were in grade school or starting high school during the Dot.bust in 2000. Luckily they and others (30+ year old veterans) are not tainted by that history and are aggressively pursuing new ideas from napkins into cutting edge mHealth, gaming, social media companies that will be the next Google, eBay or Amazon to create new industries or change current ones needing innovation. Keep up the posts.

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