5 thoughts on “Comcast’s VoIP Plans”

  1. It’s all about gender bender SPs. Cable companies that will offer voice, telcos that will offer IP TV in high-def (why do I have Blur’s “Girls & Boys” in my head right now. Which wire that comes in to your home, copper (or fibre) or coax will soon be meaningless. You’ll get the same services–voice, video, data– from every cableco and telco out there. It will just depend on which company you want to work with, and which has attractive value added services. The big question, however, is how is Comcast going to manage all of this traffic?

  2. I am not sure why you would think that Vonage needs to be worried. The cost of Comcast service is outrageous compared to other VOIP offering. Vonage also has excellent call quality and great customer service.

    I actually thing Comcast and it compatriots better start worrying about Telco’s getting into TV etc. If cable companies don’t start realizing they are in a competitive market and their monopoly days are numbered they will so be relegated to the same fate as AT&T.

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