5 thoughts on “Like Fox, Comcast forms an Internet Group”

  1. Start loving the Eagles is never good advice. It is maybe worst of all if you actually live in Philly. Anyway, Comcast owns the Flyers and Sixers so those are the correct bandwagons on which to jump. I’d say, follow the Ravens (maybe not good at the moment, but at least the owner won’t drive you crazy like with the Eagles and Skins) or the Giants (if you want to be a bandwagon jumper) if you are addicted to football and willing to betray your old team.

  2. Brian’s money would be better spent on a DNS upgrade.

    Apparently too many executives were never admonished by the mom about, “just because Rupert does it, doesn’t mean you can do it.”

    Rupert is in a class by himself because he is a real life entrepreneur, whereas most exec’s are just posturing.

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