11 thoughts on “Comcast is the fastest broadband provider in the U.S.”

  1. Just saying…. Ookla is wrong. EPBFi may be local to just Chattanooga, but the slowest they offer is what, 30Mbps? Much faster than Comcast.

  2. I don’t know… I’m personally quite happy with my FiOS and having tried Cox before – I know it beats the cable broadband anytime by delivering fiber optics speeds to my house.

  3. No doubt about it, Chattanooga’s EPB is the fastest. If they were limiting to national ISPs they should have said so. Sounds like they are shilling for Comcast as it is.

  4. Yeah dude. Comcast is totally the fastest broadband provider in the U.S. Tell that to my 150/75 Mbps UNCAPPED Verizon FiOS connection!

    Another ridiculous lie of a headline and another bullshit survey spreading like wildfire across generic tech “blogs.” Surprise!

    I like how none of these surveys take into account BANDWIDTH CAPS. Comcast’s 250 GB bandwidth cap effectively limits ALL of their Internet plans to an average speed of LESS THAN 1 Mbps for the billing period. Wow! How fast! Meanwhile, Time Warner Cable, which currently offers 50 Mbps UNCAPPED residential Internet connections, can output 16 TERABYTES in a month if maxed out the entire billing period. That’s 64 TIMES as much bandwidth as you can transfer on any Comcast residential connection in a 30 day billing period thanks to Comcast’s 250 GB cap, and and over 5 TIMES as much in ONE MONTH than a Comcast subscriber is allowed to use IN AN ENTIRE YEAR!

    So who’s the “fastest broadband provider in the U.S.” again?

  5. Ookla can only take an average of the speed from each ISP’s ip’s space that is assigned by ARIN. There is no way to differentiate between product offerings from each ISP.

  6. I have EPBfi, and it blows Comcast away, without a doubt. No service disruptions, no billing issues, no price hikes every six months…..why would anyone want Comcast??

  7. Are you seriously? Amazing prices, 50/20 Mbps, over 140$? Scandinavia, In Finland, 110/10 Mbps= 12,90€ per month and 200/10 Mbps 29,90€/month. In Sweden Stockholm, example Bredbandsbolaget’s 1 Gbps/100Mbps =899 kronor/month (135$)

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