15 thoughts on “Sarah Lacy's PandoDaily launches with $2.5 million in funding”

  1. Sarah is a brilliant analyst and writer. Having her at the helm of this new operation will definitely bring tech coverage up a few levels.

  2. She doesn’t expect to sell the new company, but she had 17 investors? What are they expecting to get from it, dividends? I guess she might think it can go public someday, but one lesson she should have learned from the tech crunch/AOL debacle is that all of the assets go home every night (or some never even leave their home). The value of TC was in their writers, and once they left, the “brand” has little value.

    But I’m glad those investors put that money up, as they will have a very entertaining group of writers, even if they are biased.

  3. Really excited for you Sarah!

    Thanks for taking it by the horns and setting an example I’m sure a lot of us will remember if we ever find ourselves in a similar situation. Inspired!

  4. If it “edgy” it’s gonna be great.
    And whats with the list of investors? Did they all though 10 bucks each into the pot?
    I do hope she includes a disclaimer when she writes about startups also funded by that army of investors. This will be a key test of disclosure.

  5. Great, great, great – Sarah, I’d love to read more about startup ecosystem and your international approach – and great name by the way about the interconnection and colony.

  6. I also genuinely want to know what they could possibly have up their sleeves for that kind of cash. How much are they paying their bloggers? Where is that money going to go?

  7. What Ms. Lacy may learn is that her Investors will make the decision on whether or not “she sells” someday.

    Also, technically, a minority Investor in Pando is now AOL. Guess what? Entrepreneurs work for their Investors…i.e. Ms. Lacy works for AOL again. Sure there are some layers of buffering between them (for now), but, those are never guaranteed to last.

    A minority Investor (particularly a pissed off one) wield enormous control (particularly if they have a rabid legal team).

    Good luck to her. But, after looking at Pando for a week, it already seems to be ignoring it’s Mission (start ups and International) as 90% of the stories are about Google, Apple, Microsoft et al. She’s going up head-to-head against Techcrunch, she’s not carving out a new space.

  8. Belated congratulations. You’re helping change the world, putting another nail in the coffin of traditional media, and bringing us one step closer to showing Google why separating “Blogs” and “News” in their search results makes even less sense today.

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