3 thoughts on “O3b's super satellite broadband coming in 2013”

  1. Hi Om,
    I am alive and well!
    You are correct, O3b started with a 16 satellite plan, but originally financed only the first 8. We have since ordered another 4, bringing the total to 12, which will double the capacity of the first 8 (which is a pretty cool feature of the system’s continually improving cost structures). For billions of under-served, no other technology will be able to give the low latency, high speed and low cost combination.
    O3b is on solid footing with an excellent team. SES has been a great partner and more which has really helped us ensure we are building a carrier class service. At this point, with the company well focused, funded and most importantly able to meet its mission goals, I am focusing on a few other ideas, yet still have full interest, excitement, passion and communication with the team which drives O3b forward on a daily basis.
    Hats off to the large base of investors who passionately believed in the mission of O3b and joined together to help make it happen.

    Thanks for asking!

  2. I am looking forward for this to succeed, i am a satcom engineer and can understand the challenges O3b team is facing.

  3. Hi Greg – would love to chat with you about this KA-band project. Maybe you can catch me on LinkedIn (don’t wanna violate any policies on this website)..
    Drew Klein
    C-COM Satellite Systems

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