98 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A Mozilla App for the iPhone”

  1. >
    wondering if Apple is going to approve it
    ditch the i-am-an-overhyped-feature-Phone, and go with a smartphone. Can you get apps for an iPhone anywhere else other than the Apple App Store?

  2. i like the iphone when it is jailbroken 🙂 I like to have more choices and its no surprise to me that majority would like that choice as well.

    Its that “close” nature of Apple which I am not in favor of …. this is basically a “blanket” method of saying “NO” to next phase of innovation on their device or platform. Why is apple so afraid?

  3. Mozilla releasing a browser built around the iPhone’s webkit would be very interesting! As long as they don’t try to mess with the WebKit engine, Apple would not have much excuse to reject the app considering how many alternate browser shells are currently available on the app store. This is something I wish Google would do with Chrome – though I can’t imagine it ever happening.

  4. Here is the magic bullet for mozilla that changes EVERYTHING!

    Objective-C bindings for XUL (the moz GUI toolkit used to build ffox etc).

    The rendering engine (gecko – in C++) is not the issue.

    The issue is that moz placed a bad bet on trying to clone msft’s component model (COM) & it it has dragged them down ever since.

    If moz were able to use ObjectiveC to implement XUL then ffox on osx mobile (aka iPhone/itouch) would be able to offer a smoother native user experience.

    afaik the c++ mixin for objectivec is only avail on mac osx, not mobile osx — so the choice for seamless calling of cocoa is either native or none at all.

    Ps: hopefully the iPhone version of ffox is also the occassion to break with the COM-based component model & will presage a shift on the desktop version of ffox as well!

  5. Do you mean the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley or the online University of Berkley (the one that cannot do business with residents of PA)?

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