57 thoughts on “On Mobile Phones, Firefox's Big Bet Is Nokia & Android”

  1. Why do you think Maemo 5 (not Mameo, _please_) is not a viable platform? And also, why do you tag Nokia efforts in smartphones as “desperate”? That would be like saying Apple’s efforts with Mac OS X are desperate just because Microsoft dominates the market.

    Blogger’s personal point of view is always interesting when coming from people that’s in the business, but mixing up an interview-like article with your own opinion doesn’t seem right to me.

  2. Om,
    Please do not believe them CEO of Firefox.
    I used Fennec on windows mobile last year. Getting the cab file was tricky
    The thing reminds me of a buggy IE circa 1997 in terms of page rendering.
    While the Fennec can do great things , the speed of execution from the Mozilla team is slow.
    In the time I waited a year for them to better it on WinMo, I saw Skyfire, Opera releasing three versions !!!!!

    Regarding them not jumping to BB, the reason being BB doesn’t allow new browser plus they now bought IRIS browser which they will integrate to BB platform.

      1. Desiree, you may also want to correct statement “Maemo, Nokia’s new Linux-based operating system”. Maemo O/S has been in use for years. Maemo 5 however is a new O/S version.

  3. >
    With little or no chance of ever being able to make it through the draconian approval process of Apple’s iTunes App Store

    the Apple-is-a-draconian-control-freak is alive and well. yeah Mr. Jobs, why no Google Voice on the i-am-an-overhyped-feature-Phone? oh yeah, it’s not a smartphone

  4. This is somewhat bad news for the people like me. Our friends mainly use either Java based or Symbian based mobile phones and Opera rocks in these areas. Lets hope Mozilla comes to play in these areas in future.

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