27 thoughts on “Coming Soon, Nokia N95 with US 3G Support”

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  3. Well my buddy thefloyd wrote a nice piece for me today – Why you should save your money and NOT buy an iPhone – which one reason of course is the 3G support (his #1 reason). The phone he is currently playing with (HTC Cavalier) seems really nice. N95 would be great here, but still a bit pricey.

    http://rexduffdixon.com/?p=3003 – to read thefloyd’s breakdown/rant on the iPhone.


  4. I dont understand. I am in australia and my N95 uses HSDPA just fine. Does USA use diff 3G frequencies?

  5. Matt, yes the US does use different frequencies than much of the rest of the world. Over the years GSM radios have advanced to support a very wide range of frequencies, so the same part can be used in phones regardless of market. This is not yet the case for UMTS radios.

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