2 thoughts on “Consumer VoiceFi soon”

  1. I am hearing Verizon will roll out a Voice/Landline/Celluar VOIP product MOBILE device in less than 3 months time……….on a CELL Phone(verizon of course) , you dial your OWN VOIP Landline box(again, VERIZON of course), caller ID recognizes your Phone Number an gives you a VOIP LANDLINE and away you fly to REMOTE FOREIGN territores OFF of your CELL PHONE MOBILE to China for .02 cents per MINUTE?????????????
    Sounding like the JETSONS all over again????????


  2. Just remember that when Verizon or (any large carrier, wired or wireless) says they will roll out new technology in soon, they mean they will roll it out for a trial in some place you do not live. The large scale rollout will not come for another 18 months after that, if ever. Somehow, the odds of the trial being where you live are inversely proportional to your desire to try the technology.

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