5 thoughts on “Covad’s very simple VoIP”

  1. Om, you need to justify how this is VoIP. Alternatively, if VZ packetizes my call after the Class 5 switch, is it VoIP? By the way, I said spuriously as much in my comment to FCC in Dec. 2003. At least now, us in the industry better crisply define VoIP. Otherwise all telephony will be VoIP just to get regulatory relief. (Remember your comment in podcasting about all calls being packetized somewhere.)

  2. Good point. i need to make that distinction. now unlike typical VoIp which does the analog to digital (IP) conversion at the ATA level and sends out voice traffc as packets over broadband, in this case that conversion happens in the central office at the DSLAM level and transport happens right on the backbone. Now that is VoIP to me as well. Just like i have said in the past, that since most of the international traffic is packetized, voip has been with us for long. it is not voip as in retail running over broadband connection voip, the sort vonage sells. sorry about that. i should have been more explicit. (Oops you actually listened to the podcast… )

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