5 thoughts on “Crazy Wi-Fi pricing!”

  1. are you kidding me: you ain’t seen UK prices…BT charges £6 an hour (about $11.5) at Heathrow. when i was in cannes in france last month, the network there was something like 6 euro for an hour, and the worse thing is that hour starts ticking as soon as you register for the account (that is, first access the net)..you can’t stagger it. i bet it’s the same for BT…crazy.

  2. You have to understand that Switzerland is all round not a cheap place to live in so I’m not surprised that they charge that much. You also need to look at the relative cost. How much does normal Internet access cost there? How much is a beer or a meal?

  3. Our marine hotspots here in the Caribbean cost only $60 a month for unlimited use, so there are some operators who “get it.” Larger carriers will have to drop prices if they want the traffic.

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