3 thoughts on “Crisis inside Chipzilla?”

  1. Maybe Intel’s focus is shifting more to WiFi and WiMAX chips as the CPU market slowly shifts toward commodity? Just a thought. Nobody gets excited about GHz except gamers anymore, and the consoles are starting to market to them with network gaming…

  2. that might be so, but Intel’s revenue stream from WiFi is miniscule and they are not really kicking butt there. WiMAX, as I see it is nothing more than “slideware” right now. where is the silicon. I think this company is not focusing on the very basics – the processors which throw up billions for it to experiment with other crap. anyway that’s my take.

  3. This is true — this “roadmap adjustment” is huge. Intel processors usually take 18 months for “moderate” change iterations to materialize. (cache bump, FSB bump, etc.) That is, all the previous generations have validated the architectural viability & are getting “tweaks”. To pull in the schedule of dual core chips by 1 year is H-U-G-E. Even assuming that large-scale changes like this were assumed to take 4 years of development, that’s a 25% pull-in. That’s not trivial.

    And Yes, Fister’s head rolled. Intel execs as a whole don’t leave the company unless there’s a very good reason. Someone of Fister’s stature gets offers all the time, but leaving Intel? That’s only done when they hit a glass ceiling.

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