One thought on “Cyworld, A Social Network That Works”

  1. Yes why don’t the English speaking social networking spaces evolve as quickly as Cyworld-well one observation- from an academic in Australia, is that the English speaking, personal media and social networking site, Friendster etc’s “interface” is premised on the “profile”- a list of self ascribed, personal attributes- while the Korean site is premised on “building a visual and personally identifiable space/place on itssite-with all your favourite media included.

    Its like making your own “dollhouse” or if you like “shopront” qualities visually displayable, with all their peculiarities and personality in order to attract a network of interests—
    much more imaginative, playful and captivating, recognising the intuitive attraction of visual communication-over the distanciated, wordy “profile” approach the western social sites accommodate.

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