8 thoughts on “Star Wars EP3, Threat to Corporate Networks?”

  1. It won’t have much of an effect as every major movie is offered for download within minutes of it’s first show on “opening night”. Often times there’s near dvd quality releases before the opening night of the movie.

    I dunno why everyone is making such a big deal out of Star Wars III being on the bittorrent networks already. It’s like this for every movie. I’d guess more than a few thousand have downloaded it already. I’d put the number more around a few hundred thousand, just based on the numbers I’ve seen.

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  3. I think that enterprises using BitTorrent internally to route large image or video files to designers or editors would be a good thing. Or, thinking externally, imagine the cost savings for businesses who served torrents on their corporate/product/service site as oppossed to the actual video content or free download of their software.

  4. Seth

    that is a good idea, and hopefully some can figure out a way to do it. but right now tell a sys admin “torrent” and they start to freak out

  5. Don’t ever trust warnings about the dangers of free stuff from poeple who are selling stuff. If things like BitTorrent are ok, then Skype must be ok, so why would anybody buy Akonix’s stuff?

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