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  1. Mefeedia.com does something somewhat similar: online video aggregator (since 2004), but it’s more focused on gathering videoblog videos through RSS feeds. You have your own video queue, you can send to your blog, etc.

  2. Om Malik wrote:
    “Mary says she has cut a deal with 20 companies and is getting the meta-information about the videos directly into Dabble’s systems…”

    So, does dabble get any money from these 20 video service companies? Or is dabble’s revenue source going to be limited only to money from ads?

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  4. While it’s completely understandable to hear about some new startup in a space like online video, and start picking the b-model carcass apart first and ask questions later, I think it is just as interesting to ask what “job” the target user of Dabble is intended to “hire” the service for to help them accomplish some known set of outcome goals relative to the constraints that they face.

    For example, a service like vSocial (which I co-founded) provides a tool called a video roll that allows users to create their own programs using an amalgam of any of the clips available on the service (i.e., their playlist), and the video roll can be baked into your blog, web page, etc. Such is the benefit of integration and extensibility around a platform.

    To me, the interesting question is how aggregation services like Dabble provide enough more than the sum of the parts integration capabilities to avoid getting marginalized by search plays, video clip sharing sites and bookmarking/tagging services.

    I definitely think there is room in the market, given the richness of video but a lot of this boils down to identifying the core jobs and facilitating the highest value outcomes.

    If interested, I have written a post called “Video clips, viral marketing and the virtual water cooler,” that contemplates the topic a bit further. Here is the URL: http://thenetworkgarden.com/weblog/2006/01/videoclipsvir.html

    Food for thought on the veracity of the thesis in the post. Usage on vSocial has doubled again in the two weeks since I wrote the post, purely on viral factors (i.e., no advertising, no big PR coverage).



  5. For some reason, when I posted this comment the software truncated the URL. Rather than re-post the URL, if interested in reading the blog I wrote, click on my name, which will take you to the The Network Garden site. The post is three from the top.


  6. Om,

    I interviewed Mary at length about Dabble (amongst things). She went into Dabble’s business model, the target audience as well as talking about the DMCA and other IP related stuff.

    I podcast the interview at podleaders.com if you are interested.


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  8. Om, AFAIK, the reason that they’ve gotten so far in a short amount of time is that it’s built on top of the Drupal framework. If you even look at the front page now, you’ll see the standard “themes/dabble” being called.

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