7 thoughts on “For Google, China Is A Business”

  1. om, i think you missed dave’s point (so did jason, by the way). read the second half of his post. the part you cite above is, uh, meant to be ironic i think. esp. when you put it in context of the entire post.

  2. actually i did not miss his point. its ironic. and yes i agree, that it is do little evil. but it is also business. sometimes that happens. sure i could have quoted his last two paragraphs, but then i would have taken away the joy of you reading dave. just saying.

  3. Google is a strategic national asset. Just think of the searchtaps we can pull out of China once Google secures big market share. Better to let them become dominant rather than someone else.

  4. China is a superpower, you don’t screw around with Superpowers. What was the US response when China invaded Tibet?

    We should hold companies to a higher standard? The US govt. works with some countries that really are not all nice, yet it attains our goals.

    Hell, companies sold them missile technology, so leaving out some search responses is not really that big a deal.

    Put it this way, when Chinese citizens get involved with things their govt. doesn’t like, they get put in jail. Maybe Google is doing them a favor.

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