9 thoughts on “Dabble DB Raises Cash”

  1. As the guy who’s forgotten more about Visual Basic than most people will ever know, your VB analogy interested me. I think you may be on to something (although I haven’t had a chance to use DabbleDB yet). It is worth noting that the thing that really caused VB to take off (back around 1993-94) was the addition of fairly straightforward database access libraries.

  2. so i’m probably carbon-dating myself here… i’ve been around & around in the world of “look ma no hands!” databases & apps for about the past 20 years or so (starting with dBase III & Paradox back in the mid-80’s). there’s certainly a need for easy DIY db apps, but never been a great solution.

    several waves of companies have come & gone trying to do it, but no one’s ever really hit one out of the park as far as i’m concerned. that is, until now… i actually think the DabbleDB guys might have gotten it right.

    and i agree with jeffrey… as a former VB programmer myself, i could definitely see DabbleDB ushering in a whole new world of database hobbyists.

    i’ll be watching this one closely.

  3. Well done Dabble DB, well done Paul, well down VW.

    I saw Dabble present in the valley at the UNDER THE RADAR conference I moderated in March. They won the award for best company, hands down, so it is no mistake that funding should follow.

    Plus after meeting the guys over beers I can tell you they rock, are low key, easy to talk to, humble and most of all build kick ass tech.

    It is also good to see more VCs walking up to web 2.0, so far its been Ambient Vector for Celtic and Now Public for Brightspark. Although I know a few more are in the works, it is good to see established funds like Ventures West turning their minds to this.

    As for Enterpise 2.0, maybe web 2.0 b2b would be better called “web 2.1″?

  4. I reviewed Dabble DB and one thing that I think really needs to be addressed is the “hand-holding” phenomenon (no matter how easy it is to use the service).

    There needs to be a section of Solution Providers that can provide last-mile integration with their platform. I e-mailed them about this a few month ago and they said they had no plans.


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  6. sure i can make data, and look at it in lists…but what else is there?

    is this app missing something or is it just hidden?

    and where the heck did $2mil go. this technology has been around for many moons

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