6 thoughts on “WiBro Going To India”

  1. Maintenance of cable is problematic in India due to various reasons. So making Internet available over any wireless technology whether it is wi-max or wi-bro will speed up the Internet usage there.

  2. Samsung is making a very smart play. I think their only misstep is avoiding the US, where the vendor picture is still far from decided. Of course, with the big appeal of WiMax being the ability to mix and match components from different vendors, the real winners could be companies that dominate the network services side of things — hello Siemens-Nokia and Ericsson.

  3. Oh, I know their stuff is for sale in the US. It’s just they don’t seem to be making the effort that folks like Alavrion and Motorola are. Samsung is big enough to compete on equal footing with Moto and Alavarion would be no contest. Contrast the lengths they are going to in Brazil and elsewhere with what they have done in the US.

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