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  1. Thanks for the excellent information. I think one of these could be in my sights in the near future (i.e. as soon as my current contract is up). If I decide to stay with Verizon I think that the Q, as you mentioned, could be an option. I have not had a chance to use it though. Any thoughts on it? I feel that WiFi is a must and I hope that more of the carriers have WiFi enabled smartphones by the time I purchase.


  2. Hi Ryan, I have used the Motorola Q for 9 days and wrote by observations about it day by day. It was a pleasant experience overall, and it is one of the devices I would recommend. You can refer to the details on the 81dayexperiment.typepad.com blog. And regarding Wi-Fi, it does have some advantages, and as you mentioned, more phones are providing this capability. Good luck with your decision. Once you make your decision, let me know if you would like to contribute a case-study to share your experience with other users.
    Best of luck,
    – Pierre.

  3. I second the E62. Here are two more devices that have caught my attention recently: (1) The Cingular 8525 (very recently released, last week?), a revamped 8125, $400 with 2yr contract, supports HSDPA where available. (2) A new phone from Verizon with a slideout keyboard covered on CNET Crave blog (although not a smartphone I believe because no Windows Mobile or PalmOS) $150 with 2yr contract, no Wifi.

    Personally I’m waiting for the iPhone Q1 2007 (if you believe most rumors), but I really want a QWERTY/2.0MP cellphone with an affordable data plan, so we’ll see. Thanks for the roundup. American phones for me are just starting to get interesting (and affordable, faster).

  4. Hi JEB & Andy, I did use the E62 for 9 days, and you can see my comments about it in the 81-day-experiment. As you can see in the comments, my experience was not great. I also used the T-Mobile MDA (the cousin of the Cingular 8125 and 8525) and I have recently wrote a summary about the 8525.

    Today’s post was about the “smaller”, “newer”, “business/social” devices. The E62 will be included in one of the upcoming posts which will be about business devices (this will be coming next week). The 8125/8525 will probably be mentioned in yet another upcoming post about the Windows Mobile heavy-weights (meaning full-featured).

    Thanks for your comments, and looking forward for more of our input, as I write about more devices in the future,
    – Pierre.

  5. I’ve always wanted a Blackberry. The only thing is.. I’m a dedicated Nokia user. I’m sucked in because of all the great programs they run. What’s the best Nokia you know of?

  6. From your description, I would choose the T-Mobile Dash! It rocks! With that and the new Microsoft Zune I’ve anounced on my blog, my life should be merry and bright! 😀

  7. Using a Samsung Black and loving it. It’s sleep, feels good in your hand and the HSDPA definitely helps. If Windows Mobile is not an issue, I’d recommend it (plus its cheap)

  8. no palm? I don’t bother to look at anything running windows mobile. Reasons? (a) I’m a zealot. (b) Palm has more/better/free/extensible/open apps. (c) treo is still teh hawtness. (d) when the first windows mobile cellphone virus comes out, if you’re using the blackjack, you’re going to get it, and you’ll give it to everyone in your phone book, and when their phones die they’ll hate you worse than if you gave them herpes.

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