8 thoughts on “Dead Man Dancing”

  1. So true. The most effective entrepreneurs are the ones who know not to get too heady during the up times and not to let themselves sink too low when things get bad. It’s surprising how poorly prepared a lot of people are for this roller coaster.

    It also helps to have a healthy appreciation for life outside of work. Hobbies, sports and art can be an invaluable outlet when things get tough.}

  2. The one thing that pisses me off most about taking on a startup business is the fear. It can so quickly and easily consume you. The one aspect I struggle with daily is my inability to mentally focus on my family. Specifically, my son.

    I have managed to keep time with him on a daily basis but I mentally feel like I am neglecting him. He is right there in front of me. Asking me to put on his other Superman cape and fly around the house. I do it, but have this nagging itinerary running through my head. What should I work on next? Make sure and call that credit card company! Don’t forget to apply the next scripting update.

    It all comes down to my abilities in dealing with fear. Will it consume me today? Can I focus on this playtime with my son? I do not have the answer for that right now but know I cannot let the fear take over and replace the things I hold most dear.

    Did I do the right thing? That question is not valid anymore. It has changed to , will I do the right thing and keep my fears at bay while pressing forward.

    Fighting evil with my 2 year old has never been so real.}

  3. I cannot even count the number of times that I’ve heard news so bad that I’ve seen all my dreams shatter in front of my eyes… just when I think all hope is lost, something else comes along that provides hope again… I’ve come to realize that you have to be like a “speed bag”… the faster you get hit, the faster you have to learn to come back.}

  4. Yes, having your feet in the fire, and trying to remain calm and focused is a challenge…on top of getting the best performance out of your team…to meet the next milestone.
    After having put insane hours into our startup http://www.bikinizero.com I now take the time out of my 18 hr work day to do something different and mentally distracting. I kayak, or go for a long bike ride, I find these sojourns really allow me to return to the task/challenge with a renewed outlook and optimism.}

  5. Thank you for this– at least I know I am not alone. I have had days when I thought I’d have to shut down the company and two hours later got news that gave me hope. Anyhow, you gave new meaning to the phrase “shut up and dance”!}

  6. No entrepreneur enjoys this sort of heart-ache, though it can be great for building character and testing personal will. Not over-romanticizing risk is key, imho. Especially after it’s over (post acquisition, etc.).

    That said, risk and heart-ache are pretty much an integral part of the process (unless you’re really lucky or have absolutely excellent timing).}

  7. No wonder you guys are stressed so much – you’re all running on borrowed money. Companies are supposed to make money – not borrow it. Don’t you put together some sort of financial plan before you start these ventures to ensure you can become profitable and don’t run out of money?}

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