2 thoughts on “Dear Sam, Please Ignore”

  1. Secondly, Solaris is a proprietary Unix flavor from a competitor,
    which also uses its own ”lock-in” chips.

    I work for Sun.

    The release of Solaris as open source has already been announced. “Proprietary” is no longer appropriate.

    Check out our new Opteron based machines. No chip “lock-in” involved.

  2. What does Sun expect IBM to do? Roll-over and let Sun take its business? Why does anyone pay any attention to Sun anymore. They lost the plot way back in 2000/2001 and have been going down the toilet ever since.

    Sun’s business model cannot cope with the new reality of low-cost Linux clusters and since about 2003, Sun has been scrambling to get as much professional services dollars into its coffers to offest the heavy losses on the hardware side. Funny thing is that while Sun expands its professional services business it whinges about IBM Global Services hoovering up customers wallets.

    “WHINGING” is really the operative word for Sun. McNealy was and continues to be a whinger and Schwartz is following in the same steps.

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