13 thoughts on “Destination: New Delhi, WordCamp India”

  1. Cool…I would like to be there to take some tips from you and of course if possible your autograph too 🙂

    But I am on Blogger.com platform, will it be of any use for me to attend wordcamp ?

    BTW, you know what, this event at Adobe, is being organized within 5-6 kms from my College(Jaypee University)……lets c if i could come or not !

  2. Great to know you are using the opportunity to visit your parents. Have a nice time with the Family. I wish I could be in Delhi to meet you once 🙂 Look forward to your posts about home visit.

  3. Hi Om,

    I am Paritosh Sharma, an internet entrepreneur a Social Media Evangelist with OMLogic (one of India’s leading online marketing companies). Interestingly the biggest thing we both have in common is “OM”.

    Just recently we launched OMShare(www.omshare.com) A First from India, Online Platform for Taking Events and Conferences Global (hosted on WP as the platform).

    It would certainly be great to see you LIVE in action and really take down some key blogging tips. I blog for NASSCOM and have been LIVE blogging certain industry events, which I would like to leverage upon, would be great connecting with you.

    Paritosh Sharma
    http://www.omshare.com, www. paritoshsharma.com

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