21 thoughts on “Facebook Was Made for the iPhone”

  1. That’s a good point Om. To be honest, I’m personally battling with the thought of moving to Blackberry Bold. I’m in the city and don’t have issues with AT&T coverage but the iPhone just doesn’t feel powerful, full featured especially when it comes to email. Once a week I load up cell phone sites and compare prices just moments away from clicking a “buy” button. IDK.

  2. My suggestion: Get an iPod Touch and load the facebook app on there. I, like you Om, don’t want AT&T, but want all the apps and features of the iPhone platform.

    So, I loaded Facebook onto the iPod Touch and can use the awesome Facebook app that way. Anywhere I can get online (which is easy with Boingo), I can get onto facebook via the iPod.

  3. It isn’t that the Blackberry platform has failed, it is that Facebook needs to put more effort into the app for the Blackberry. They (FB) all carry Phones so of course it is going to be the best of the platforms.

    I recently switched from BB Curve to iPhone. I miss my Curve for a number of reasons. Form factor, 1 handed use, messaging on a keyboard, etc.

    They need a iPhone OS on a Blackberry Curve form factor.

  4. Given that a Honda is a much better daily driver than an Aston Martin, I wonder at your analogy. Are you really just saying that your problem with the Bold is that it is not cool?

  5. If you are in the Facebook for BB application, Menu -> goto Mobile Site. It is actually pretty good on the BB. It is pretty much fully featured. It isn’t quite as slick as the iPhone but it is pretty usable.

  6. Just today.:

    OM Malik: “Aston Martin replaced by Honda”
    Stacey Higginbotham: “Ferrari getting upstaged by an Acura”

    You know, you people should sell the company already, buy your dream cars and be done with these car fantasies.

    Depression, anyone?

  7. i really don’t know how you can compare the two. I don’t do heavy emailing, and i have an orb server, which has a full featured iphone client, so the Blackberry is complete fail to me.

    Having all my avi’s and mp4 video’s where-ever i have service is awesome, and i have a HD-TV card that streams basic cable (digital) to the iphone as well.

    while at&t’s service took some time to get used to after verizon, I would never, ever go back to a Blackberry.

    /am i the only one who types way faster on the iphone virtual keyboard?

  8. The perfect combo would be a Blackberry Bold 2.0 using LTE on Verizon for email/IM’ing combined with a 32GB iPod Touch that had Bluetooth Dialup profile that could tap the Bold’s 3G signal.

  9. Facebook was built for the iPhone, and FreeVoiceLine.com was built for Facebook – can you imagine being able to click a button and instantly call your friends, without having to remember phone numbers, and on Facebook? I think that would soooo rock out.

  10. I agree the facebook app on the blackberry sucks even when it works. My notifications don’t work and it’s the opposite on the iPod Touch. It’s like night and day. I use the blackberry facebook app only when I have no wifi and even then will visit the mobile site instead using the blackberry browser which is so much better than the app itself. They really need to upgrade it.

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  12. blackberry and other smart phones need to find a way to utilize real browsers and not silly mobile versions. The they will be able to compete with Apples mobile safari.

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