19 thoughts on “INQ's Social Phone Rocks MWC”

  1. Seems like Qualcomm is the big winner if this phone demonstrates that BrewOS can hold it’s own against Symbian and Windows Mobile for powering feature phones.

  2. Hi Om,

    Just curious. Do you actually have and use all these phones? 😉 You write a lot about so many devices, phones, etc. Do you really use them or just try them out and write about them?

    – Praveen.

  3. @Jesse K

    Amen to that. I like what Qualcomm has been doing to position itself well in a much changing world.


    I typically use these devices on-and-off, though most of the time I have a dedicated device for basic tasks such as email, IM and phone. I am currently using T-Mobile Curve 8900 and a standard Samsung flip phone from Verizon.

  4. I don’t know Om. Call it a hunch. I think these are fad phones. I’d be interested to see where they go in the long run. The price point is good. I hope it is sustainable for the sellers.

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