5 thoughts on “Did Skype just preannounce Facebook deal? Plus My Super Early Impression”

  1. It’s definitely a cool setup, and the experience seems easy enough. However, the missing link is mobile. Of course, Skype owns Qik, which is what powers most of the mobile video chatting, so you would think it would work soon.

    Sure, Skype video calling works on some devices, but it’s not nearly as ubiquitous as this.

  2. Years ago, Skype should have been the one to build a social networking platform on top of their community of users. Missed opportunity. Nevertheless, this present deal makes Skype so much more relevant. But why in the world did Skype need to get bought by Microsoft for? I still don’t understand. They should have only done the Facebook deal. That’s a great move. Maybe it took Microsoft (which own Facebook stocks) to make that deal a reality…

  3. This will end Skype desktop client to some extent. Also now facebook will push skype to release group video to compete with g+ hangout.

  4. I wonder if this deal with Facebook was ironed out before or after Microsoft bought Skype. My bet is on the latter which makes this not only an ‘awesome’ announcement for Facebook but for Microsoft themselves. They desperately need to forge a relationship with Facebook and perhaps this is the start of things to come.

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