11 thoughts on “On Twitter (and elsewhere), Instagram Growth Zooms”

  1. Om. I love you a lot. I love your articles. I love Instagram and I love photosharing. But do you really have to write so many articles about Instagram.

    Maybe its sour grapes but lets hear about other startups. If you need any leads I would be happy to give you some.

    1. There’s a reason it’s called GigaOM. Om is a visionary and recognizes talent and trends. When it’s called GigaLove, you can write about other startups. Until then, Om can write about whOMever he wants.

    2. Love 🙂 I love your style of making your point and Peter thanks for coming to my defense.

      Actually Love I do write about other startups, just some you or others don’t note 🙂 That is okay. I will try and make more of an effort.

  2. Why are the number of pictures in the table formatted to 2 decimal places? (Do people partially upload pictures?)

  3. The metric on Instagram shares on Twitter probably doesn’t take into account those that share Instagram images to Tumblr or Posterous which may then in turn share to Twitter. So I would say the amount of Instagram shares to Twitter may actually be greater.

  4. I’ve loved it from the start and I’ve been seeing more and more of my “normal” friends popping in there. I think the main thing it has going for it is just how intuitive it is to use from day one. All the techie heads are off on Google + now but this has more than enough steam to take off and the social features that they are baking in make it a very exciting proposition.

  5. Instagram and others will be asset sales inside of twelve months. There is no defensible value or business model.

  6. Will see what happens when Instagram joins Android. I still think, that in near future they sell it to another company. Maybe for google it will be a good choice 😉

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