35 thoughts on “Did Kevin Rose Take Some of Digg's New Cash?”

  1. Hats Off to you Om on writing such an blunt and factual post in spite of your friendship with Kevin . Digg has done a right thing . with so much money being poured into advertisement networks there will be mad rush to find publication with significant userbase .This is where Digg will score . and as more and more add networks are buying publishing properties I am sure that digg will find a buyer soon . most probably Yahoo or Microsoft .

  2. Congrats to Digg and I hope Kevin Rose took some money off the table since that is smart if you have the option.

    Maybe Microsoft can buy Digg to compete with Yahoo Buzz and the coming new front page for that portal and AOL (MS seems to like to compete in everything and some eye-poking seems to be going on now).

    I am still curious about this supposed Google-deal and why they walked away once they looked at the financials and tech.

  3. @David Mullings,

    I agree with you and makes a lot of sense for kevin to take some cash off the table.

    Microsoft buying Digg maybe seem like a good idea but my fear is that they are going to muck it up like some of their previous acquisitions in the consumer internet space.

  4. I think Digg’s momentum has slowed because its core audience keep digging the same kind of content/subjects. There is very little new that will delight new users. When Digg was a brand new thing, it was exciting because it was open and democratic. Now it is virtually controlled by a relatively small number of super-diggers.

  5. Headline should be: “Digg is digging but hasn’t been able to dig itself out of the hole of lower and lower valuations.”

  6. Money to founders was happening at the height of the Web 2.0 bubble when people were competing for deals. Given Digg’s current situation, I can’t imagine the competition was such that founder greenmail was required for them to get the deal with Digg.

  7. Kevin Rose’s DIGG keeps losing users because he is firing them! Banning regular users like a mad dog. Why on earth a permanent ban is being thrown around like candy against what is explained above as being the top 1% brings in ~30% of the hits is beyond me.

    Yes – thats it Kevin. Fire your users. Ridiculous. No wonder Google (who values their users) walked away. Shaking their heads no doubt at the wasted opportunity.

    DIGG is digging their own grave. Sad really.

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