8 thoughts on “Do what you love, and rest will follow”

  1. At the risk of continuing the touchy-feely, your grandfather’s view really provides words to live by, Om. Thanks for the added insight.

  2. I like what you write there probably the best 2.0 QUOTE so far ” Don’t bank money, bank people “.

    But before you can bank people, you must first bank love . I mean love of what you do.

    I will too keep that in mind. People Banking.

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  4. Could somebody elucidate on how to distinguish between people who are passionate about what they are doing and what they are doing for a paycheck?

  5. Excellent post. Measuring success by how much money flows in has been a problem in my parts. It has stiffled creativity, bred greed, and stiffled real development. Thanks for sharing your grand-dad’s wisdom too. Very sound words.

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