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  1. The only problem is that amazon’s main service, S3, doesnt work very well. It was down most of friday and in the month of november there were numerous days where it seemed to be down for significant chunks of the day for a significant number of hours. I have noticed that it is often just painfully slow. When you go to amazon’s website and it is running and s3 is down you realize that amazon is not really, at least yet, giving entrepreneurs industrial strength amazon infrastructure. They have not sufficiently explained their network architecture as other content services like Akamai do. Obviously s3 is way cheaper than akamai, but cheap just isnt a substitute for working. Its really got to be as good as any other CDN in order to be credible. And it is very far away from that now. More importantly, if there is a problem there appear to be nowhere to turn other than their web forums. There is no customer facing direct accountability. I’m not sure what their plan is but it would be great if you guys could coax Bezos to actually talk about the nuts and bolts of this thing and not just the grand vision.

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