7 thoughts on “DocStoc Raises $3.25 Million in Series B Funding”

  1. I’ve been looking for a site/product like this. It’s incredible. Easy to upload, easy to embed! Great product and much needed! And you can’t beat the price: FREE!

  2. Trying to understand fit for SMB- Why would a Small Business use this service?

    Also, what is revenue model for docstoc and scribd..

  3. I love Scribd and recently wanted to look at different business plan outlines. A quick search on Scribd and a couple downloads later, I had a few templates to check out.

    Competition is always good so DocStoc should definitely result in better products for both. I am a little concerned about small businesses sharing documents. I certainly know that there are lots of documents I would NOT want to put on the web for my business.

    In the past I have put my presentations from conferences up on Scribd and intend to upload whitepapers.

  4. Doc-sharing is useful and much needed. But I consider the revenue model for products like XinXii (german service) more meaningful than DocStoc: uploads for free, downloads must be purchased – price established by author.

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