12 thoughts on “Jajah Gives Yahoo Voice, AOL Wants Others to SIP AIM Voice”

  1. Om,
    Looks like jajah knows the game well. Others are still trying to build voice widgets, jajah is a step ahead and this is indeed game changer for the company. Iam not sure how authentic the 10 million numbers are. Nevertheless, yahoo outsourcing is one heck of a deal. I guess off late iam hearing most of the companies (ribbit, broadsoft, tringme etc) are jumping into platform game. Iam not sure about the revenue model of supporting voice and messaging platform. With voice widgets failing in most of the social networking. Will enterprise be the next game changer?
    On a side note, with this announcement, will we hear the jajah IPO rumors again?


  2. I guess more and more VOIP companies are realizing that being only a service provider is a dead end road for there business. Soon we will see many companies jumping into the business of providing VOIP platform.

  3. I think this is a great move by Jajah as well as any of the myriad of VOIP providers. We’re planning to add a VOIP partner to our service to enhance its’ user value, and a partnership between Yahoo and Jajah certainly makes Jajah a highly desirable partner given their potential increase in reach and appeal.

  4. Om, Thanks for including our AOL Voice platform in your blog.

    With the launch of our Open Voice program today , we want to embrace the millions customers in the SIP User community along with giving our huge AIM audience options to use their regular phones via TA’s or use IP Phones to call distance & International destinations with AIM Call Out.
    We are actively working to test more SIP enabled devices including Open source telephony Platforms with our open sip gateway.

    More details can be found here,

  5. @ Curtis,

    I think finally Jajah has found a business model that works and as you say, shows signs of growing to become a big business. what is the reality of this business: it will be a long distance voice carrier from this point forward. not such a bad idea but this is good stuff.

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