19 thoughts on “Jajah, Jangl Team Up. No Not Like That”

  1. Bravo! Good move by both companies and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

    “At least two of the companies are coming to their senses, and teaming up to focus on what they are good at..” Well put Om.

    Congratulations to Jajah and Jangle for finding this common ground!

  2. I think it’s a great move for both the companies. It’s a good combination of application and platform. One thing missing is an operator with an ip backbone. I’m assuming jajah doesn’t have its own network. All that said, I still don’t understand jajah’s IPO plans. I guess this is some kind of PR hype to raise their valuation.
    BTW, OM- thanks for adding my post to your article.

  3. I think Jajah is dying. Just look at their Alexa numbers for the last year. That’s a direct reflection of calls and callers. This announcement, the IPO baloney and the Talkster copycat move feel like desperate hype.

  4. Yep,

    Sorry Dan., I should have been more clear. I haven’t updated all my profiles yet, but I left Jajah a couple of months ago, to join another next gen telephony company, Ribbit. (www.goribbit.com) that you’ll be hearing a lot about in the near future …But I’m still a huge Jajah fan, smart guys, great product.


  5. Sam,

    something i agree with. I think that is why focusing on what they do best makes sense. stay focused and they have a chance of making it. there is no exit plan here. IPO is just nonsense. it is tough times for all these new voice start-ups.

  6. A friend of mine in PR told me that Jajah has created a 200+ blog squad and that 99% of the Jajah coverage by blogs is manufactured. Is that true Don?

  7. Sam.

    Nope. The Jajah blogs are all organic. Frederik, who takes care of the social media / blog world at Jajah is one of the best there is at keeping the conversation going. And since the product is global and the team is global, they have a huge crowd to draw on. Check out the non-english blogs around Jajah – very impressive.

    No fake blogging going on over there. They just work hard.


  8. I have been following jajah for quite sometime now. These guys are just amazing when it comes to selling simple web based voice calling to the world. I don’t think any other company has such a niche compared to these guys. I guess they came up with a simple model called web calling, which to me, should have been a must feature for ip operators like vonage etc. Every “me too” out there in the market followed jajah model. Look’s like they are very aggressive in terms to positioning their company, whether it be partnering with other social networking companies or supporting new features.

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