14 thoughts on “Will dirty talk boost VoIP start-ups?”

  1. More interesting and relevant than the VHS/DVD/PR0N analogy is the adult chat line industry, which is hugely profitable.

    The two big boys in that business are both Canadian: Toronto’s LavaLife, which is now owned by a hedge fund, and vancouver’s Teligence, which is privately-held.

    Dirty talk and “hooking up” over the phone are major components of both of their businesses, and in the case of LavaLife which also has a web-based service, are major profit drivers.

    Teligence markets “Tango Personals” and “LiveLinks”, while LavaLife markets “The Night Exchange” and “LavaLife by Phone”. Make a call to any of these and the thin veneer of dating and relationships quickly peels back to reveal that they’re all about hooking up and talking dirty.

    This makes those companies natural players, and partners, in this space. Both have major infrastructural investments, though, so the Jangls and TalkPluses should be wary that their strategies are quite replicable and these guys will likely copy and/or integrate their services.


  2. If this communication is truly private there will be problems. With this technology all kinds of illegal activities (I won’t list them here) can be hidden from view. I like the idea of a truly private conversation but so do the bad guys and you know what the government thinks.

  3. “Many new technologies — like VHS and DVDs, and more recently Video over the Internet — owe no small part of their early success to adult entertainment…”

    That statement is right on the money, Om.

  4. Who cares. Privacy is privacy – whether it is a conversation or an email – I support anything that tries to be anonymity back to the web. I still say that the greatest threat to the web is the openness that companies like Google push and the Gen X crowd is pionneering.

    A lot of people dont want to be tracked, listened to or publish their lives on the web. I for one say great. The conveinience of a site saying “Welcome Back Brian” is not without cost – and believe me, companies are not all “do no evil” as goog claims to be..

  5. What is the difference between keeping your
    identity private with a Shadow Number and
    blocking the caller ID from your cell phone?

    The difference when using Shadow Number is that now you’ve involved a third party whom you have no knowledge about and no reason to trust. You’ve just signaled to some unknown intermediary that you have something to hide.

    No thanks! Keep your Shadow Number, and I’ll call in public any time I want to get jiggy-jiggy, there’s more anonymity in a crowd than standing out like a sore thumb using this Shadow Number hack.

  6. What is the difference between keeping your identity private with a Shadow Number and blocking the Caller ID from your cell phone?

    If you block your caller ID the recipient doesn’t get any caller information, which in many… uh… shadowy scenarios means that they don’t answer. With the Shadow Number they do can use that to call you back.

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