21 thoughts on “Does your house VoIP?”

  1. I use Vonage as a cheap second line. Primary line is Verizon Digital Voice as part of my FiOS package. We were using Comcast circuit switched voice for ~ 8 years before that.

  2. I am Gizmo Project user. Phone is where my laptop is. it works on some of my mobile phones, so pretty happy about that. and the prices are right.

  3. Vonage UK solely for the US presence capability so a friend of mine can call me as if I was local in the US – ATA model. Asterisk box talking to Sipgate, FWD and my ISP – Sipura ATA talks to it and a DECT phone. X-lite software phone to talk to Sipgate, which lets me chat with family in Barbados for free.

  4. 2 ATAs with 4 lines. Running Sipphone, Callcentric, local VoSP. Have about 15 ATAs between friends and family. Haven’t paid much in long distance for a while now.

  5. I use Earthlink TruVoice on my Cox Cable line and love it. It doesn’t have all of Vonage’s bells and whistles, but it does have my area code and is cheaper than Cox’s offering.

  6. Those stats seem very high for US households – 9%?

    I was a vonage user, but configured my IP Phone to http://www.barablu.com and it’s much cheaper that way – I much prefer the pre-paid route, and I can use the one account on PC / IP Phone / Cell Phone – very convenient. Lots of folks seem happy with Sun Rocket too. Gizmo is a great product.

  7. I am still POTS, can’t get over the problem of not connecting my home alarm system. Hope maybe Verizon will have a workaround when FiOS gets to me (soon, hopefully soon.)

  8. Interesting statistics OM.

    If it is 9% now, it will be interesting to see what the figure is by the end of 2007. Many people are still only first hearing about it and as the benefits become better known, there will be an explosion of new users.

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