10 thoughts on “A Difficult 2007 for Competitive VoIP?”

  1. Vonage was a poor bet–for users and their stock-holders–from the git-go.

    Now; as they find themselves even deeper in the communication wasteland that is independent VOIP; the only question left isn’t whether BK is in their future…but when.

    One can only multiply zeros for so long before the money runs out.

    Let the stock-holder lawsuits begin…

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  3. It’s becoming a tired catchphrase, but it’s no less true for its’ repetition: All voice is converging towards free. It’s just another service on your dumb pipe: It makes no more sense to pay a per-voice call charge than it does a per-website visit or a per-email fee. I don’t regard myself as a bleeding edge adopter, but these days about 85% of my calling is on-net (Either Skype or one of the zillion SIP networks that operate here in Oz). It’s a bit cumbersome (Prefix dialling for the SIP network, then the users’ own 86 digit SIP phone number), but I’m viewing that as a temporary aberration.

    I’d say the days of PSTN arbitrage (which is really what the VOIP providers are) are coming to an end. I’m cheering FON and others on too, so that soon enough the days of GSM arbitrage will be over too.


  4. I guess and i believe that majority of consumer want to reduce there phone bill. And trend is moving toward VOIP. So just imagine there are 100 million customer and if Vonage is able to tap only 2% percent of that, then Vonage is having 2 million new customer.

    One strength of Vonage is low operating cost then other provider.
    Secondly bundling with other feature is very good suggestion.

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