16 thoughts on “Random outages hitting Google”

  1. Brief outages fairly common on many of these Google services. Brief but common. Good example of how we often over engineer and over emphasize availability (e.g. six 9s as a common benchmark in telco world) and reliability. The Google services generally have better adoption rates than their Yahoo counterparts, even though Yahoo has been much more reliable. Why? Other than certain corner cases, we usually trade a few nines for features and functionality that we use constantly.

  2. what are everyone’s google contingency plans?

    i think everyone can imagine the nightmare scenario where google ‘accidentally looses your data’ or prevents you from logging in. in fact, this can happen with any 3rd party hosted service.

  3. Google Analytics is back. The data from the past day and a half suddenly appeared. The data matches my other statistics and the normal load on my blog. I tend to believe that there was a problem with presenting the data, rather than collecting it, so no data was lost.

  4. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve noticed that Google services seem to be going down more and more.

    In the UK when I access Gmail I’ve noticed that I’ve been unable to access it usually at least once a day.

    I wonder why this is happening?

  5. Google News was down for a full hour day before yesterday… their custom error page came up when you went to the site. Then when it came back, all stories were mnimised, so had to expand them all. Nothing major and definetly nothing unacceptable.

    Just shows what high standards we have set for Google that even a minor outages become talking points. My Windows freezes more ofetn than outages from Google. Turly a remarkable company Google.

  6. This is very ironic. Today, I ventured into using Google Groups for the first time for a school project. It wouldn’t let me type anything on a Page. After researching and frustration, I gave up. Decided it was poor software or I didn’t know what I was doing.

    So I then tried Google Notebook. Same thing. It wouldn’t let me type any notes in the program. I decided Google was screwed up, bad!

    Then I remembered this headliner on Om’s blog. Apparently Google is screwed up bad. Not a good experience today with Google. I’m quickly losing confidence in these PH’D’s.

  7. nah, just have patience on google, all data is replicated three times, may be more, there is no chance to loose data, I m a user of google services since almost the begining and sometimes happen that I wave to wait a little for something, but hey! is almost free! and even the advertisement is subject text focused/oriented. I don’t know what else can i ask , it’s like a heaven for me.

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