10 thoughts on “SunRocket, Happy To Be Number 2”

  1. Om,
    Been following your posts on VoIP providers with interest for quite a while; and one thing I’m curious about is the effect of Skype on these guys, which no one seems to talk about. Surely the SkypeOut/SkypeIn and the hardware ecosystem that seems to be building up around Skype might be affecting these players significantly? Thanks!

  2. I am a proud user of SunRocket for the last 4 months and have never experienced any problems. Their service is always great and the voice clarity is commedable. I am happy to see that they have their focus set on serving existing customers and becoming cash flow positive instead of spending endless millions in trying to acquire new customers. Though eventually, they will have to come up with the key differentiators to survive in this industry. Who knows, the way they are going, the key differentiator might be customer service.

  3. Unfortunately my experience with SunRocket was not so good. I was never able to get the service working and spent approximately 6-8 hours on the phone with tech support. Their only solution was to escalate my issues to the Network Engineers who never called me or follwoed up.

    After 6 weeks I gave up and called to get a refund. At least they processed the refund efficiently.

    This happened 7 months ago.

  4. We’ve been using SunRocket for 7 or 8 months now and have been very pleased. We’ve had 2-3 service interruptions – but the first two times we called customer service and had fast and accurate advice to get us back up in no time. The last time we knew to start by rebooting the Gizmo and didn’t need to call customer service. Excellent sound quality, great feature set.

  5. I am also a new and very satisfied SunRocket user. Installation and setup only took a few minutes. My time spent with customer service before and after activation were excellent. They even sent me a free phone because I did not already own one (I have been exclusively mobile for five years).

    Your article states that “SunRocket is planning on offering new devices including phones that will allow it to offer value added services including contact management, presence and find-me, follow-me type features.” I don’t know when you got that from SunRocket, but I already have all of those services.

    And yes, when I decided to go VoIP, I did consciously choose SunRocket over Skype because my experience with Skype has been very negative. I only know one other person with a VoIP phone but it is difficult to talk to him due to poor signal — he’s on Vonage. But every other call, landline or mobile, is clear as a bell.

  6. I’ve been talking for free on SunRocket now for over 2 months already. It’s awsome. Got another 6 months of free time to go. Want to know the secret? I sign up through CrazyRefund.com for a $80 rebate on Sunrocket.

  7. so much for SunRocket and their break even idea… Isn’t it better to actually show a profit???!?!

  8. Just Googled Lisa Hook ex-CEO of SunRocket now defunct; her career must be some kind of textbook example of how the minimally competent are able to thrive in a good-old-boys type network. She started as a lawyer, “served” in the FCC 2 years during the Raygun administration, presumably giving her valuable political connections. At Elsivier she was named to the “Remuneration Committee”, being, one might assume, quite concerned with money. She befriended someone at AOL but helped blow their entry into broadband, yet still was hired to head SunRocket. As she had questionable skills, one might reasonably suspect the venture capitalists behind the firm might have been using her as a tool to help yank the plug at SunRocket, or at least leave her holding the bag? Who knows.

    Who says regulating business is a waste of time, particularly since this seems to be yet another example of the malfeasance that seems to be second nature to a whole raft of corporate movers and shakers, who seem to move and shake purely to enrich themselves and their buddies, the public be damned. And, because of bankruptcy productions, they’ll end up keeping most of their ill-gotten gains, while 200,000 former customers are burned.

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