16 thoughts on “Doug Engelbart, American inventor and computing legend, has passed away”

  1. “Ironically, his office at Tymshare in Cupertino, California, is merely blocks away from the headquarters of Apple Corporation, where icons and mice and windows and bit-mapped screens and other Engelbart-originated ideas are now part of a billion-dollar enterprise.”

    Om, are you trying to make Apple “greedy” or “wrong” for its success? Are you suggesting they cheated Mr. Englebart? This quote from Rheingold is offensive to me, and sounds like anti-Apple propaganda.
    The ideas might never have gone beyond the ARC labs if it wasn’t for Apple and Steve Jobs. They are ideas that NEEDED a Steve Jobs.

    1. Zato

      Not sure where I said about Apple being greedy or wrong. Sorry if you see it that way. Some would say — you are projecting perhaps?

      1. “Not sure where I said about Apple being greedy or wrong”

        YOU didn’t. You included a quote by Rheingold that implies that Apple greatly enriched itself on Engelbart’s ideas while he remained “poor”.

  2. During my years at Logitech, I had the privilege and pleasure of being acquainted with Doug, whose Bootstrap Institute resided within our HQ in Fremont. Even one of his early woodblock prototypes with twisted wires sat casually on a shelf alongside its offspring in the Boardroom. Unassuming and affable, Doug’s profound impact on the computing industry finally sank in when the company shipped its 1 Billionth mouse…

    Dan Jenkins
    former Logitech executive

  3. Truly a legend. It was an honor to know him even briefly. And, even though he will be missed greatly, his work, dreams, ideas, and their results live on on every computer and accessory we use.

  4. I had the great pleasure of meeting this legend and listening to his ideas which formed the basis of the bootstrap institute. The ideas, concepts and technology he built really form the basis of much of the technology we use today in computing. His contributions were stellar and his ideas on knowledge work and improving humanity should be continued by the new generations of technology implementors. A real loss.

  5. I had the chance and honor to meet often with Doug Engelbart during the late eighties when i was at NASA Ames, and the emotional privilege to give him the ACM-SIGCHI lifetime award in 1998 in LA. He was a kind man who greatly influenced my professional life.
    –Guy André Boy

  6. His medium was the message – the augmentation of human intelligence. Now he has an eternity for us to catch up.

  7. RIp

    Little did you know back then how much you would change the world.
    Rest now you more then earned it.

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