4 thoughts on “Nothing in life is free, not even Jay-Z’s music album”

  1. Eventually people are going to get tried of these tactics or the information will just become so worthless this practice stops, right? I mean it really is a bit annoying now with almost everything we use now requiring a login and wanting to keep track of our data. Yet it does not seem to be slowing down in the slightest

  2. Didn’t really understand the permissions requests backlash on the Jay-Z app. They all seemed like blanket permissions needed so it could download and play the music through the app.

    Access to storage:
    So it can store the album on your USB storage – which it does.

    System Tools:
    Prevents the phone from sleeping so that when you’re playing a song in the app, it doesn’t cut off from auto-sleep.

    Your Location:
    I’ll give them this as not needed.

    Network Access:
    so they could download the files

    Phone Calls:
    So they can pause the music when a phone call comes in

  3. I don’t Understand what the fuss is about? It’s not as if the APP goes behind the back of the user to get access to his/her information? it explicitly requests for the permission. And if the person installer wants to go ahead and installs it, why come on Gigaom and make a fuzz about that?!

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