14 thoughts on “Downturn or Not, Mobile Broadband Is Growing Fast”

  1. this is definatly true where i am. also unlike cell phones where people took years to cut the cord, subscrivers to mobile broadband for there laptops/PC’s are immeidatly cutting there wired service.

  2. Om
    Agree 100%, network capacity and overall user experience will suffer as more iPhone and Bold subscribers sign on which means – AT&T need to improve capacity now in anticipation of applications such as video, etc.


  3. Really – I get it – your 3G coverage with att sucks.

    Can we stop flogging that dead horse now?

    I should note that I am very satisfied with the service I get around the Chicago area.

    Maybe I am not a high powered blogger and all that, but I feel the urge to react every time I see you lamenting about how att ruined your otherwise perfect love affair with the iphone.

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