14 thoughts on “Downturn or Not, Mobile Broadband Is Growing Fast”

  1. this is definatly true where i am. also unlike cell phones where people took years to cut the cord, subscrivers to mobile broadband for there laptops/PC’s are immeidatly cutting there wired service.

  2. Om
    Agree 100%, network capacity and overall user experience will suffer as more iPhone and Bold subscribers sign on which means – AT&T need to improve capacity now in anticipation of applications such as video, etc.


  3. Really – I get it – your 3G coverage with att sucks.

    Can we stop flogging that dead horse now?

    I should note that I am very satisfied with the service I get around the Chicago area.

    Maybe I am not a high powered blogger and all that, but I feel the urge to react every time I see you lamenting about how att ruined your otherwise perfect love affair with the iphone.

  4. True thing, it’s growing fast, lots of people are cutting the wire. We can only expect more and more stuff to become wireless. It just amaze me.. where will it stop.. well that would be good food for though!

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