8 thoughts on “Some Small Design Mods to GigaOM”

  1. Great to see the threaded comment system. Much easier to follow and easy to reply to a specific user easily. thanks and keep up the good reporting guys and gals!!

    1. Thanks wired mike. I appreciate it. I think this would help make the site more dynamic as well and encourage more conversations. I hope you and others will keep the suggestions coming.

  2. I agree as well…threaded comments definitely make conversations easier. I have two suggestions related to the changes:

    The “Reply” button in the comments become visually distracting when several of them appear near each other as in the comments on this page. Obviously you would want them to fit the button theme you have with other buttons on the page like “Search” and “Post Comment”, but those buttons appear on darker backgrounds and appear near sides of the page. Maybe the Reply buttons could be made smaller, lighter, or just changed to a text link?

    The second suggestion is excluding linkbacks from the comment totals on the home page as it is confusing seeing “2 comments” and going to the story to find no comments and 2 linkbacks.

    1. Niraj

      Thanks is good idea about excluding linkbacks from comment totals. the problem is how wordpress works and we want to do that soon after checking with WP folks.

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