5 thoughts on “Here Comes Dynamic Caller ID”

  1. This new kind of telephone with caller ID is amazing. It can call up to 50 persons. This is best for business people and sales persons.

  2. Just great, another annoying yet intrusive device for tele-markers to use. If a device such as this is allowed to be used. I wanna a device or an app on my phone that will block it.

  3. @aaron Let me give you an example. Say you are an online brokerage with customers all over Europe. You have local numbers for each country. Your customer in Zurich, feels comfortable when you call him from a Zurich number, your London customer the same.
    Sure anything can be abused but it is not the technology that is abusing rather the technology user

  4. Several CLECs in the US already offer this. AireSpring is one. They offer it to their telemarketing customers and multi-location businesses so the called party is presented with a local (or at least as close as possible) callback number.

    For telemarketers, yes, it improves the number of people who pick up the phone when they call. It also has the side effect of simplifying jurisdictional billing issues that crop up when SIP/VoIP is being used.

    (PS… AireSpring is a good apple among call center focused CLECs. They were the first CLEC to offer T1s and SIP trunks for call centers and telemarketers that automatically block calls to numbers on that National Do Not Call list. So even if the telemarketer tries to call a DNC listed number, the call never goes through.)

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