6 thoughts on “Data Revenues Will Push Mobile Biz Past $1 Trillion”

  1. @Om,

    I agree, staggering opportunity. I do hope that the carriers improve their pricing of data services. Right now, I think data pricing plans remain a significant barrier to mass adoption.

    It will also be interesting to see how the carriers price devices such as smartbooks, tablets, digital frames, and the like as they come onto their networks.

    My $.02,


  2. Just remember that a subscriber isn’t necessarily a person. Right now I have 2 phones, so I’m 2 subscribers. If I use LTE as a fixed wireless connection for my home, i’ll be 3 subscribers (4 if IPTV gets rolled out over LTE).

  3. Here in india – It seems that Carriers are still not concentrating on Data & fighting fiercely for Voice. It’s high time that some of them try providing Data at reasonable rates….At least in Matros

    1. Telecom operators in India are very busy cheating (open accusation in India) their pre-paid customers and hence don’t have to worry about additional revenue sources…

  4. Very much doubt we’ll ever hit that sort of global market penetration in my lifetime … and I’m not THAT old.

    Would be interesting to see what they did to the data to reach that sort of number … did they simply extrapolate the last 5-10 years growth? Also more than likely conveniently forgot that there isn’t a neat one to one relationship between no. of subscriptions and no. of people.

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