3 thoughts on “Skype to FCC: Keep the Internet Open & Neutral”

  1. How come GigaOm is highlighting Skype’s highly predictable comments (which essentially call for the FCC to hamstring ISPs so that it can make money at their expense) instead of more novel and insightful ones?

  2. Skype’s comments illustrate what a clueless bunch their management team is. Describing Skype as a “P2P application” is factually wrong, laughably so.

    Given that they don’t understand the system the Skype founders created, it’s no wonder that the management team argues for regulations that will do the company more harm than good.

    The real story here is how the current managers took over the company.

  3. Richard,

    Not sure if you know what you are talking about. Skype is indeed a P2p application. Your probably like the rest of the population that as soon as they hear “P2P” they think kazza or limewire.

    Try looking into P2P telephony.

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