32 thoughts on “Earthlink Troubles Spell End Of MuniFi As Third Pipe”

  1. MuniFi is not exactly dead. It is inevitable that all populated areas on the Earth will be covered with broadband speed wireless Internet access in the not too distant future. What is happening now is just the end of the first attempt / iteration.

  2. The issue (Earthlinks lack of a Business Model)we have been stating all along is that they have selected the wrong technology (a one radio Mesh Node/AP) will not hack it in a carrier grade Wireless Network. 2 Radio networks already are showing signs of struggling to deliver bandwidth/throughput and cost effective services as demands on them increase. 3Mbps of Access after 4 hops does not a viable Mesh Make.
    All Earthlink was doing was helping Motorola Canopy Gateway business grow as they had to regenerate bandwidth every 3rd Node.
    I agree that WiMAX providers will leverage deployed Mesh systems to allow them to cover select Urban areas (where their 2.5Ghz radios will not penetrate-Foliage)with real Broadband services-They will not invest but will both use the Mesh and sell gateways links to them where needed.
    I will also predict that Cisco will not allow this Muni Wireless Mesh market to go away. They will buy this market (for their WLAN products)either directly or with IBM and a installation firm in order to maintain their dominance of this space.
    The only true Carrier Grade type Mesh Vendors todate are Strix (4 & 6 Radio)and BelAir (2 &4 Radios). With Cisco catching up to them in the late 2008 early 2009 time frame when they release their 3 or 4 radio Mesh product.

    Also, the Mesh Network providers have until 2010 to make this a busines after which the winners of the 700Mhz Spectrum being auctioned will deploy a Broadband Fixed/Portable and Mobile service that will effectively dominate most Wired and Wireless Broadband services with a fully Mobile product.


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