6 thoughts on “Earthlink Versus United Online”

  1. where did you get that ELNK is buying MORE COLO from Level3????????/ With the roll out of VOIP, seems Level3 would SELL MORE COLO to everyone with everyone NEEDING to be “””ON NET””” to get the Voip applications and benefits of being “”ON NET”” with Level3!


  2. Om –

    so if you’re a betting man, would you put your money where your observation is and do a long/short hedge on ELNK / UNTD ?

  3. Now I am a betting man, who can’t offer you any advice on this one! why? because I don’t want to step into the gray area of being a reporter and an analyst. we report, you decide. except we mean it

  4. Well, the Earthlink/United pair trade has been very popular…..but most of it is played out – UNTD is down big…

  5. I think buying Earthlink may have some legs, but shorting United may be an unwise decision at this point, at least short term. With $200m in cash, and an enterprise value of $400m, with revenue of $600m, it is now trading at a pretty low level. All that said, the bad usually gets worse.

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