14 thoughts on “eBay Launches Facebook App”

  1. Selling to my friends is something I am not accustomed to, so count me out on the usage part of it.

    As far as distributed listings, the social environment is so out of control that if its there to take advantage off, companies will do anything to get that extra traffic through the door since the cost of it is just low.


  2. facebook is where i have friends

    ebay is where i have customers

    put them together and i will have none…

    having said that ebay did the right thing experimenting with facebook…just that i would have liked more innovative thinking.

    correct me if i am wrong ebay is a search based purchase site not as much of a network based. Facebook is about friends. Cant really see how ebay could leverage facebook.

    Maybe their classifieds like craiglist can..

  3. This application is not just for selling to your friend. It’s more of a application to show off your item from eBay. Be it some nice car you won, some shoe you lost, or wii that you are bidding on. The best part is I also got to see what my friend is watching or bidding on eBay. I think that will bring more value to the facebook user than yet another buying/selling application.

    The other cool feature I found is to push some “weird and wonderful” stuff to my friend’s watch list. Try search for “funny” and you will know what I mean.

  4. I think this is another sign of Facebook turning into something akin to a WebOS. It is gaining more and more apps and soon we will be able to do everything from our facebook accounts. Facebook may even become an exclusive juggernaut like microsoft or google.


  5. Social Networks are the opposite of great listings environments. A small number of social contacts is a bad universe to find a buyer for an item you want to sell or to find a seller for an item you want to buy. Now …. if the social network is simply an outpost of the entire network, and listings can flow in and out, and traffic can follow the clicks, then ….. that gets interesting.

    So … not quaking in my boots 🙂


  6. One of the goals of this application is to showcase the potential for people to discover and share items.

    It breaks traditional barriers to provide the transparency of your shopping needs and interests to your friends (with the ability to control how much you actually want to expose, look into the app options).

    There are a lot of considerations put into this app, e.g. auction in general are competitive in nature, thats is, if you found a great deal on eBay you are more than likely not going to share it with your friends. So for this app we introduced the concept of teaser, where you friends can only see the image you the item you are interested in, but not know the specifics. They can in turn ask you about it, but it is up to your digression to tell them more.

    In the coming months we will collect feedback and incrementally enhance the app

  7. Let’s be honest here – this is a great idea and a great app – issues aside about selling to your friends there are people out there who will do this and will utilize it to promote items in new venues. It is also just the first of social network site hookups with eCommerce.

  8. The main idea is to actually, see what others (your friends in this case) are interested in, e.g. friends that you don’t talk to on a daily basis, with this app you can find out his current interest (maybe an iphone) from his watching or lost list, and who knows you may have more in common that you realize.

  9. Before the whole social networking started, I ask myself similar question: “Who really want to see other people’s friend”? We now know the answer to that.

    I think we still haven’t fully discover the potential of social networking. Facebook applications such as Where’ve I Been, and Zombie are all a surprise hits to me. Do people really want to know which countries I have visited? Do I really like to turn my friend into zombies?

    I don’t know how much people will like to see what other people are buying/selling on eBay. Hopefully this application will show us the potential.

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