10 thoughts on “MTV+Real+Verizon Vs. Apple & iTunes”

  1. Hooray, two of the most customer-abusive major firms, combining with a not-even-an-also-ran music service. I won’t hold my breath. But more competition in this space –> better.

  2. If you added up the marketshare of all the Windows DRM based services, it would total what – a mere 10%? These guys are fighting for table scraps and teaming up together to lower costs and up their perceived marketshare. Yes, in one fell swoop, MTV’s Urge went from 0.5% marketshare to 3% by teaming up with Real and you can spin it as a 600% marketshare gain or you can see it for what it really is: the last desperate act of survival for a failing venture.

    Next up on GigaOm, Napster reports profits after laying off 99% of it’s staff.

  3. I can access my Rhapsody library over the web, from the full-client jukebox, from my Sansa R, in my house via Sonos (without a pc), and soon over Tivo. For $15 per month. I also own two current generation ipods and 15k tracks. My point is that not everyone is looking to these services to replace itunes/ipod. Some of us use them to more easily do the things apple has not offered (celestial jukebox, subscription model, etc.).

  4. As noted above “three losers don’t make a winner”. How many more millions must be wasted by “me too” executives. Get over it; Apple got it right. MTV/Viacom, you teenie-bopper demographic isn’t going to pay for your content. Verizon, spend your dollars wisely (read: get a deal favorable for you and Apple, bringing the iPhone online to your network). It’s really ridiculous (and quite sad, frankly) that this continues. I’m all for competition, but I see nothing new here. Meanwhile, Real tries to remain relevant. Sorry, but you know it’s true.

  5. A joint venture of MTV, Real and Verizon would be formidable competition for anyone, including Apple iTunes. This is a huge market, for online music, and investment can run very large because of the potential revenues. GD.

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